• OPI Star Light LED Lamp 3.0


OPI Star Light LED Lamp 3.0

OPI Star Light LED Lamp 3.0

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OPI Star Light LED Lamp 3.0


Ergonomically designed and tested in collaboration with nail pros, this lamp delivers impressive results with a drop resistant structure and uniform curing to stand the test of time. 

Design Features

  • Drop resistant 
  • Spacious. mirrored interior for even distribution 
  • Resistant to acetone
  • Gray exterior won’t show nail dust or dirt
  • Steel handle for easy transporation 
  • Pedicure friendly

New Plate Features

  • The flat plate guides the hand to proper placement for precision curing. When clients insert a hand, they should feel for the 5-finger stopper guide, which features 4 grooves for fingers and a pad for thumb placement.

Button Features

  • Pro facing rear digital timer & buttons
  • 30 second auto timer at startup
  • Manual/auto mode with hand sensor to activate the preset timer
  • 5, 30, 60, 90 second timermodes
  • Plug out of the way

How to Clean 

  • Between services, remove the hand plate, wash, and allow it to dry. Follow by spraying the plate with EPA-registered cleaning solution onboth sides; then, wipe it down. When the lamp is unplugged and cool, wipe down the interior and exterior with a disinfectant cloth or cleaning solution, makingsure you avoid the LED diodes.

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