• Get To Know Us - Sherry Taylor

    Sherry is our gorgeous Beauty Buyer. She literally spends all day shopping and researching the beauty industry, so she lives and breathes this stuff. She gets the inside scoop on new products before anyone else. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well it must be, because she has been with us since day one and with our sister company for four years. In her real life, Sherry is an amazing, soulful spirit. She can be found with her family, her adorable pupper or shopping for her super cool boho outfits. Need a pick me up during your day? This lady has a story and smile to put on your face. Please take some time to learn about this wacky heart and you will see what I mean;

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  • Why Should You Go Green?

    Fact: Containers used to manufacture beauty products and personal care items add up to 30 percent of all landfill waste according to the Environmental Protection Agency. North American Salons dump 412,206 pounds of hair, foils, color tubes, aerosols, excess color and plastic into landfills and waterways every day –

    We can work together to try and change that.

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  • Get To Know Us - Cailey Jones

    Cailey has joined the PinkPro team as Brand Developer for our exclusive brand Shop Talk! She is a Tennessee native but new to our industry in the professional sense. She is all about the makeup and the hair and all the things needed for looking good. She has a new challenge on this end of the spectrum though – to research and develop all of the latest and greatest things to be Shop Talk-ed! You may consider her our secret weapon… and no we are not sharing. Cailey is a bright spirit who is not afraid of anything and we are happy to have another team member revving to go. On her latest assignment- Cailey is diving into video content and production so you all can see our beautiful products in action! Read on to learn more about this firecracker!

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  • New & Now

    We have a killer list of new products that have made our list of favorites! These products are perfect for retailing in your salon, using on your clients or just getting for yourself! But proceed with caution, you may experience the urge to buy every. single. thing.

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