• Meet The Team - Nickole Parks

    Nickole is a newbie to PinkPro and our Beauty Event Coordinator! She got this sweet gig because we promised to bring you a new class in our education series once a month, maybe more! Nickole is perfect for this job because she is organized, resourceful, and extremely outgoing. She is in charge of bringing all the products for you to use during the class, as well as the exclusive deals you can purchase after. When she’s not working super hard, her laugh is infectious. She seems to bring fun into any situation and when given the chance to shine? She goes for it! You can probably tell by her gorgeous picture that Nickole is a great asset to our team already. Give her thingy a read and let us know what you want to learn about next!

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  • Feed Your Hair

    You have probably had a client come in with damaged hair, maybe it is thin and brittle or dry and thinning. No matter the problem you know they are going to ask “Why is my hair like this? What can I do to make my hair healthier or grow faster?”

    This is one of those times when your clients are really expecting you to have this miracle solution or product that will solve their problems easily and quickly. That is not the case however when it comes to hair health. Additionally, each solution will vary from person to person so it is safe to tell your clients that there is no miracle solution (especially for fast growth). What you can offer is tips and tricks for foods they can eat that could generally keep their hair healthier therefore: shinier, longer, stronger and thicker.

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  • Marketing Your Salon This Father's Day

    It is always a good time to try and get new male clients in your salon, however Father’s Day offers a prime opportunity to bring new guys through your door. Once they are in your shop you and your team have a marvelous chance to impress them and turn them into loyal customers. The male grooming industry has grown vastly and is forecasted to only grow more. Men are opting for more upscale and pampering treatments over a quick in and out cut and shave, so this is a huge opportunity. Here are a few ideas to grow your business this Father’s Day.

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  • Get To Know Us - Kathy Poglitsch

    Kathy is a super cool person, sitting in her super cool office, with a super cool job. She is PinkPro's other Beauty Buyer but specifically for our exclusive brand - Shop Talk! Kathy gets to surf the web for the latest and greatest in the industry, and even play fortune teller to determine what will be wanted next. Kathy has a pure heart of gold while still being as tough as nails. You definitely want her in your corner… just saying! She is new to PinkPro but worked with our sister company for just over a year as a keeper of all things organizational. Now with PinkPro, she dyed her hair blue to get the creative juices flowing and she is doing amazing! We can’t wait to work with her forever and see what else our team can shake up. Read more about this sweet person now!

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