• Choosing the Perfect Nude Polish

    Have you ever had a client come in to get their nails done, they sit down with purpose like they know exactly what they want. You relax because this is going to be an easy customer. You ask what color and they say, “Well …” And you start stressing. “I want a nude.”

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  • Get To Know Us - Nicole Steele

    We want to welcome our newest team member – Nicole Steele! Nicole is our Beauty Coordinator and we are so stoked to have her and all of her positive energy.  Nicole has been a hair stylist in Murray, Kentucky for the past 15 years and is excited to start her new role within this awesome industry.

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  • Parodi Cares!

    Winter can be harsh on your hair, but even more harsh on your skin. As a hairdresser, you know the wear and tear your hands take on a daily basis. Cold and dry weather only adds to the problem. Skincare is always important, but even more so during the winter months.

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  • Get To Know Us - Jon Guess

    Jon is our Content Strategist.. in other words.. he turns our chaotic team meetings into brilliant ideas. He helped start PinkPro by creating our magnificent website and continues to update it daily and even adds all those awesome deals and discounts.

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