• CND Shellac Chic Shock Collection


CND Shellac Chic Shock Collection

CND Shellac Chic Shock Collection

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Pucci has gone all crazy romantic on us. Always chic and sophisticated but now by the pool, with exotic cocktail in hand, and lover in tow. The clothes areas sexy and elongated as the perfectly nude nails, swept with an artistic brush stroke of electric pastel color, as seductive as a sunset in St. Tropez, Ibiza, Monaco, or Miami. Skinny almonds are lean and sexy like a bronzed leg peeking out of Pucci-printed silk chiffon caftan. Fall in love with the romance of the Chic Shock Collection by CND…Pucci style!
CND Chic Shock Collection has Sweetly Bold Pastels. Mix, Match and Mismatch with these new Candy Cool Shades. This collection lets you choose between the colors: Jellied, Candied, Gummi and Taffy.


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