• Six Things You Wish Your Male Clients Knew About Grooming with Stylist Fairy

    Primping is innate for women. But Lorraine Osorio, aka Stylist Fairy, says most men just don’t have a clue when it comes to grooming. The national educator for GIBS Grooming says guys just don’t get it, so it’s the barber and stylist’s job to educate them.

    Here’s six things she wished her male clients knew:

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  • 3 Ways to Merry and Bright Hair with @kayleesmileyhair

    Tis the season! With 13 shades of Keracolor Color + Clenditioner, merry and bright hair color is just a few minutes away at the shampoo bowl. Keratin-enriched, no damage Color + Clenditioner is perfect for pre-lifted clients who want to dabble in holiday hues without New Year regret or commitment.

    We asked Keracolor educator and Instagram goddess Kaylee Smiley @kayleesmileyhair for three ways to warm up the holiday with Color + Clenditioner. Here they are!

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  • Set Your Salon Up for Holiday Success! Step 2: Spread the Holiday Cheer Past Your Retail Space

    In Part 2 of our series on how to set up your salon for holiday success, PinkPro Brand Rep Jessica Williamson reminds us to look outside your typical retail space to encourage holiday shoppers. Here’s five ways to make your salon the winter wonderland of gift giving:

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  • Set Your Salon Up for Holiday Success! Step 1: 5 Ways to Arrange a Winning Gift Display

    Getting ready to deck your salon halls? We’ll be talking with PinkPro Brand Rep Jessica Williamson on how to set your salon up for holiday success. The first in this series: How to Create A Winning Gift Display.

    Williamson, who spends her days visiting salons and meeting with salon owners, says the secret sauce is all in the numbers: Devote 80% of your holiday area to products and 20% to decor. And use common sense to make sure that 20% matches your salon vibe. For instance, don’t go with rustic metal display bins if you’re a glam spot. Avoid the glittery snowflake ornaments if you’re an industrial space.

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