About Us

PinkPro Beauty Supply was founded on an unwavering principle... give customers what they want and need to operate a successful, stress-free business. That is the reason we offer you a premium website filled with all the latest products, a 120,000 square foot warehouse, a knowledgeable and well-informed staff, innovative technology and the best customer service in the industry. We understand that to help you achieve your goals, we have to continually expand our resources.

PinkPro Beauty Supply is proud to be an employee owned company which is part of Houchens Industries, headquartered in Bowling Green, KY. This means that our specialists and team members have the ability to share in our company's success. Throughout this site, you will read and learn about a team of incredibly productive and highly motivated individuals that will settle for nothing less than excellence. What does this dedication mean for you, the busy professional? This means your order will be taken, shipped, and arrive at your salon in the most professional manner possible. Your satisfaction ensures our success.

Below is a video that we believe captures a lot about what makes us who we are. It is filmed at the original Houchens Store in rural Kentucky, which was built in 1917. Ervin G. Houchens took the lead in promoting his stores by utilizing the latest innovations and theories in grocery management, and also by acquiring businesses that correlated to the grocery industry. This innovation is what makes our Company great today and why Houchens Industries now employs more than 18,000 employees corporate-wide. We constantly "dare to dream" and we believe that is what separates us from the rest. We hope you enjoy!

Dare to Dream - Extended Version (4:21)

Dare to Dream - Short Version (3:00)

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